How to use Curries

Thai food is, among others famous for its curry dishes. Thai curries are not like the Indian or their English derivative dishes, Thai curries are a whole chapter in themselves. A curry is basically defined in three ways: 1 The type of curry paste. 2 the method of preparation.3 the main ingredient: chicken, fish, whatever.

Cooking class Samui

Most traditional curry dishes are "Gaeng" much like a thick, spicy soup named after the kind of curry paste and the main ingredient. Vegetables, herbs and other ingredients finish the dish and side dishes accompany the Gaeng.

Another way of preparing curry is "Phad" , basically fried paste with its meat and veggies, finished with some stock.


But Curry pastes can be used for more things than curry dishes; For instance, red curry paste is also used in the preparation of "Tod Man Pla" (fried Fishcakes) and lazy cooks use the same to make "Tom Yam Kung" (hot and sour Shrimp soup).