Haad Chaloklum

Ko Phangang

Chaloklum is a lively village and the main fishing port on the North side of Koh Phangang. Actually, you might just as well call it a street, for it is largely just one street. There is a pier, at which the larger fishing vessels and some passenger boats dock. In the morning large open skip trucks filled with ice get to the pier to dump their cold load into the holds of the fishing vessels.

Mainstreet Chaloklum

The village has a blooming industry in particular in the procesing of the freshly caught squid. The squid is carefully placed by hand on a kind of mesh frames to be raised and placed on bamboo poles in the sun to dry.

inktvis industrie

In one of the many seafood restaurants, that line the sea side of the main street, we could witness some of this industry up close while we were having dinner. Two, accidentily very pretty young ladies were moving about ten of these squid loaded frames at a time trough the soft sands on the beach to another place for the next step in the process. It looked like pretty hard labour, and the ladies had very well developped shoulders indeed. In between goings they regularly rinced themselves off, probably to cool down or to keep the fishy smell from clinging to them.


The waitress at our table regularly chatted with the ladies processing the squid, and there was a lot of laughter. While we sat there ate, listened and watched the goings on next door, the electricity conked out. we noticed, because suddenly the ladies next door braught out some candles and calmly worked on. The same waitress told us that she found the lights of the fishing boats at sea "very beautifull". At night the squid fishing boats anchor in front of the bay and turn on their lights. Huge lights lure the squid into their nets. By the way, Thai people love their lights, all year through nearly every place is decorated with what we would call Christmas lights.