Haad Chaloklum

Ko Phangang


From the beach of Chaloklum, nor from the seafood restaurants there can the sunset itself be observed. Here the sun slowly drops out of sight behind a hill. The indirect light of the setting sun touches the water with a near hypnotic shine, very magical.

Sunset Chaloklum

Apart from dreaming about magical views, we wanted to write reviews of all the seafood restaurants but we are afraid that that will not be the case. Everywhere we have eaten the fish was fresh and cooked to perfection. So it was nearly impossible to tell the different restaurants apart, foodwise that is.

Restaurant Chaloklum

Thai Party

Another day we walked into a place that had just opened. Well, we asked if they were open, and the proprietor said "yes". Frankly, they were not ready for customers, which we found out when we tried to order something to eat. We were told that tomorrow there would be a BBQ. We took the opportunity to leave after consuming just one drink, promising we would come back tomorrow. This way our Thai host would suffer no loss of face.

And so we went the next day. Untill now are still uncertain if they actually expected us to show up, but we were warmly welcomed. Immediately a table was vacated for us next to a group of Thai revellers with our host. We just had our drinks and out of the blue a plate was put in front of us with white strips on it. It turned out to be squid, something we both would never think about ordering. But it was amazingly good, and so fresh and well prepared we nearly licked the plate clean.

Restaurant Phangang

After the delicious squid we got a bowl of soup with spareribs in it, yummy, and some slices of a perfect roast, although for those of us who wear dentures, a knife would be handy luckily one of the guests kindly offered one to us.And last but not least we were given some kind Pad Thai(Fried Thai Noodles). This variaty was red and very, very sweet, with a slight bite from some chili.