Bangkok a Different story

February-April 2011


Soi Kasem San 1

Somehow every taxi cab nows this street. They don't know our hotel or the name of our hotel. The people who work in the hotel work there for many years thus they all know us. it has a very convienient location almost next to the soi where the Jim Thomson house is located.

Spacial Coffee

In Bangkok many varieties of coffee can be obtained.As you can see in the picture, this hotel serves "Spacial Coffee", maybe not unlike space cake in Amsterdam. As one of us is spacey enough by her own accord, we did not try to find out what was so spacial with the coffee. By the way, if you want really "spacial" coffee, just cross the street in front of the Reno Hotel, there you can get the real "spacial" Thai coffee.

Spacial Coffee

Street Hawkers

In front of our hotel there is a terrace, on the side of the road. Well road, it is little more than an alleyway. Across the road an number of hawkers have set up shop on a semi permanent basis. A small elderly gent, even tough it is hard to guess anybody's age here, has been selling his Thai coffee in all its varieties, ever since we first came there, and that is quite some years ago.

Street Hawker

This coffee, or maybe one should call it coffee sirup, is made by brewing a kind of coffee extract at the bottom of what looks like an old sock, and regularly hot water is poured over it .The most popular variety is a combination of crushed ice en condensed milk and the coffee in a small plastic bag, with a straw to make it possible to drive (your bike) and drink at the same time.

Next to the coffee stall is a stall selling food, the most delicious dishes are prepared on a few square feet, a butane tank, a wok burner and an ïmprovised chimney or cooker hood to get rid of the smoke. You wok (stir fry) on a large hot fire, to cook your dishes quickly with all their flavours and nutrients intact, So, in most cases this is not in the same league as stir-frying at home.

food Stall

At this stall, work starts early in the morning, cleaning the fresh squid and vegetables just bought at the market. There are two tables a number of stools, because, for some reason, stools are inmensely popular in Thailand. All kinds of people eat here. .

Street Cafetaria

Such as two immacultately dressed office ladies, white blouse, black skirt just above the knee, and modestly heeled pumps. To prevent dirtying their spotless white blouses, they roll up their sleeves. After all, they are sitting on a tiny stool out on the street, and not in a fancy restaurant. The food is equally good.