Who are we and why Thailand

We are both 50+ years young and when we are not in Thailand we live in Amsterdam. We go every year to Thailand because we not only love it, but it is also very affordable. Our flight ticket is the most expensive part of our trip, everytihing else is often a lot cheaper than in Europe.

We would not be able to stay two months or more in a hotel or bungalow and eating every meal in a restaurant that would be far to expencive in Europe but.....

Yes, in Thailand, we can !

Of course there are more advantages to staying in Thailand, such as excellent health care if you are properly insured, healthy diet as Thai food is often very healthy, great massages for our aging bods, and not at least the sun and the Buddist way of living.


when we are in Thailand you can follow us on facebook. Our next trip to Thailand will be around March 2012.